SMART Recovery Group for Veterans in Recovery
Mondays, 6:00p-7:30p

Porter County Substance Abuse Council
57 S Michigan Avenue
Valparaiso, IN 46383

The SMART Recovery meeting is held at the Porter County Substance Abuse Council office.  Parking is located directly across the street on Indiana Avenue. You will enter the meeting space on the side of the building adjacent to the Valparaiso Fire Station on Indiana Avenue.

Veterans of the United States Military have proven their ability to persevere under the harshest conditions.  They’re extensively trained to develop skills and attributes that will allow them to excel in the most stressful environments imaginable. Unfortunately, the skills that allow soldiers to effectively navigate the modern battlefield often don’t translate well to civilian life. Tracy Traut, MSCC and Thomas Harvey are sensitive to the ways military training can make Veterans vulnerable to a range of mental health concerns, including struggles with addictive behavior.
SMART Recovery meetings offer Veterans an environment where both their military
experiences and their addictive behaviors can be understood and addressed.

For more information or to join our group contact:

Thomas Harvey, USAF Veteran
Phone: 574.210.5932 

Tracy Traut, MSCC 
Phone: 219.237.9545